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Kan sociale media jouw positie in browsers beïnvloeden?

Er wordt vaak verteld dat sociale media geen invloed heeft op de SEO (Search Engine Optimization) positionering in web browsers. Maar ik heb geleerd dat SoMe en SEO in feite veel gemeen hebben en het combineren van deze activiteiten kan jou meetbare voordelen opbrengen tijdens een communicatie strategie.

Dus hoe moet je sociale media gebruiken om dit te vertalen naar SEO & Google?

Een social media-activiteit is geen directe parameter die Google voorstelt in zijn rankingpagina’s.
Dit betekent echter niet dat jij ze moet negeren.

Hieronder is een lijst opgemaakt van de zaken die sociale media als aanvulling verklaren boven op onze SEO-inspanningen.

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KEEPING UP WITH THE BELGIANS will tell you everything you need to know about the hidden talents in our small country. We may be smaal but with got some big talents. One of those is Sanne Van Britsom behind KEEPING UP WITH THE BELGIANS. Have a look for yourself! Or follow her adventures via FACEBOOK.
Ps: she’s having a give away this week!
PsPs: I made the brand identity for this project.

Schermafbeelding 2014-02-18 om 06.47.34

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The new website _ www.dagmarastozek.com _ is up and running. Just have to find the right studio to take my portfolio pictures. Have a great Sundag

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Since december I’m working on the rebranding for the lovely jewelry designer, SIMPLE COMME BONJOUR. Here is a preview of the mood I’m trying to create for her. The mood is about handmade jewelry with a little touch of a candy glaze and confetti of course. Last weekend we did a shoot for her lookbook, I will show you the pictures later. Have a fun Tuesday !!! And if you don’t know what to buy for Valentine, her jewelry is a pretty good idea /-).


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Changing the frontpicture of your boards on Pinterest can feel like you have set a new page. You can also shuffle your boards around a little bit. A good and beautiful pinterestpage is very important for your own person brand identity. I redesigned my boards a few days ago and I feel liberated. It’s the same feeling like buying new shoes haha! Happy Happy Happy (Pharrel Williams Happy).
Have a look at MY PINTERESTPAGE.

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Schermafbeelding 2014-01-23 om 08.39.09

Schermafbeelding 2014-01-23 om 08.39.28

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Love the eventbranding of this work shop by THIS IS PAPER STORIES.


Photo via This is paper stories.

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POSTUUM is a label that delivers custom made objects and installations.
We offer an online platform that serves as a gallery, web shop and diary for other artists to present and sell their work next to our own creations.
The mix of work comes from a background in jewelry design, philosophy and taxidermy, which leads to a very specific and authentic selection.
The common denominators are craftsmanship, natural materials, and a certain respect for tradition and technique.”
POSTUUM is truly an online gallery. The objects that they sell are pretty damn cool and unique.
I mean who wouldn’t want a custom made 3D sealring with his own initials?
Also check out the webdesign and the branding, those are also worth talking about.

Schermafbeelding 2014-01-08 om 09.41.18

Schermafbeelding 2014-01-08 om 09.41.37

Schermafbeelding 2014-01-08 om 09.41.51

Schermafbeelding 2014-01-08 om 09.42.02




Text & photo’s via Postuum.
Most of the photo’s on the website are by Joke de Wilde, have a look at her work here!

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For a new project that is coming up I will be spending some time in Rotterdam. One of my discoveries from today is LEBKOV. A coffee / lunch bar near the trainstation Rotterdam Central where you can work, drink and eat, watch people pass by through the window or just hang. Also I’m a big fan of their brand identity. Maybe that’s the biggest reason why I recommend this place. I snapped a few pictures. Have a great Monday evening !!!

foto 1 (21)

foto 4 (16)

foto 2 (19)

foto 5 (11)

foto 2 (20)

foto 3 (16)

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I like to be prepared for nye that way I can’t get stressed out about the last minute details.
So this evening I already decorated the table for tomorrow’s dinerparty.
Maybe some day I can help you with table decorations for your party.
Have a great evening tomorrow and a happy new year !!!
See you in 2014.

foto 1 (20)

foto 1 (19)

foto 1 (18)

foto 1 (17)

foto 2 (16)

foto 2 (18)

foto 3 (15)

foto 4 (13)

foto 4 (14)

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